Let’s Talk About Stroudsburg

Located in Northeastern Pennsylvania,  Stroudsburg is a borough in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.   It is in the state’s Poconos region and approximately five miles from the Delaware Water Gap.  The city is rich with historical architecture and boasts beautiful tree-lined streets in both residential and commercial districts. The downtown area is walkable and charming. It is a “traditional” downtown with lots of restaurants, art galleries, and specialty shops.  History meets hip here! Murals and music venues dot the scene. New businesses and boutiques blend with historic buildings and long-standing commerce.

Let’s start with climate. Truly a “four-season” place to live. There can be hot days in the summer and some cold days in the winter, getting to enjoy all four seasons in spectacular innate scenery – can you spell, lucky?! Seasons play a big part around here. Farmers Markets in the summer. Winterfest and Christmas Tree Lighting in the winter. Theater and arts. Music and Wineries. The Stroudsburg Real Estate Guide will help you find your home as well as claim your hometown!

Do not miss the Monroe County Farmer’s Market in your Stroudsburg Real Estate Guide which is full of local vendors and a forty-year tradition!

Poconos Mountains just as well start with the biggie! There are numerous outdoor adventures, parks, trails, bed & breakfasts, resorts, and more – it’s a big wide outdoor area full of exciting and gorgeous places to explore.

Mount Tammany with great views of the Delaware River and the surrounding area.

Delaware Water Gap has views that are unmatched!

Within Stroudsburg, other parks, such as Hickory Valley Park, Pomeroy McMichaels Creek Nature Preserve, Brodhead Creek Park, Dansbury Park, and others all offer various walking/hiking paths, bird watching, and other amenities sure to keep every nature lover and recreation buff happy.

There are several golf courses well within reach. Play a round in the morning and head to town for a late lunch

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This town, of approximately 8000 folks, is of diverse ethnicity and stands true to its roots of nature, architecture, and community. Doing this all with grace and a level of “cool” that brings both newcomers and tourists to this little piece of majestic Poconos beauty.

Let’s get going on finding you the perfect home!

Let’s Talk Real Estate

Stroudsburg has older neighborhoods with primarily pre-WWII architecture, as well as neighborhoods with 3-4 bedroom family-style homes built in the 1970’s, and various other options throughout. Driving through the neighborhoods will give you a distinct and unique feel for the lifestyle and amenities. Some neighborhoods to start you looking include: Arlington Heights; Labar Village for the over 55 group, Highland Park, Glenbrook, and others once we have some preferences nailed down!