Are you relocating to The Poconos from NY or NJ and planning on buying a home?

If you are, I’m sure you’re already getting a sense of what our homes are like, and their values, by looking online. And you’re also probably getting a feel for the area overall…like the best restaurants to visit for your favorite foods.

But you might not be doing a whole lot of research on the relocation process itself…

At least most people don’t. They just kind of wing it.

Buying a home when relocating to an entirely new area is different than just buying a house locally. There are a few curveballs many buyers don’t expect.

That’s why I created the guide you see below, and I’d like to give it to you. It delves into issues most buyers don’t know about or expect, and many agents either don’t think to address with buyers, or simply don’t even know themselves.

If you’re moving to The Poconos, make sure to grab a copy of my booklet so you can make your move to this area as smooth as possible!